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    I am a planted aquarium enthusiast but have moved to a new community with mains water from deep wells that is awful for planted aquaria, in my opinion. The tapwater parameters are measured with API test kits: ph is 8 or above, Kh is 22 and general hardness is quite low, ie 3-4. What Seachem products would you recommend to correct this? Should I take up terrestrial gardening instead as an alternative hobby?

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    Thanks for the post, Dave Belvin!

    We have a few products that could help! To reduce the pH and KH, we would recommend using our Acid and Alkaline Buffers. You would need to use the Acid Buffer alone first to bring the levels down to a more manageable level, then you could use them in combination with one another to target and lock in a specific pH and KH. To increase the GH, we would recommend using either our Seachem Equilibrium or aquavitro mineralize. This can be added initially to the full volume of the tank to target your desired level, thereafter, at water changes for the replacement volume of water to maintain the level.

    Should you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us!