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Need Help With Phosphate Test Kit

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  • Need Help With Phosphate Test Kit

    The new PO4 test kit arrived yesterday and I used it this morning. I am testing freshwater with dKH 7.5 and dGH 2.8.

    Should the result of this test be interpreted according to color or intensity? The test sample color is very light, but decidedly blue, and does not match any place along the comparator. The comparator begins low values with distinctly green coloration going up to a deeper blue-green which becomes more intensely blue, but not nearly as light as the sample.

    I tested with my Hanna photometer and got 0.08 ppm PO4. I also tested with the Salifert kit and got circa 0.1 ppm. On the SeaChem kit's comparator this range is strongly green.

    What do you think is going on here?

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    Thanks for the post, paulg!

    The test results are based on color matching of the liquid to the color chart. Have you ran a reference test using the included reference solution? If so, what were those results? If you can please provide some photos of the results, we can better assist you. Thanks!


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      This first test result I described was bogus for reasons I don't know. Should have just done a repeat. Did it just now and got the 0.1 ppm result I was expecting. Test works just fine. Sorry for the red flag.


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        No worries! Thanks for the update!