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Parasites or copepods?

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  • Parasites or copepods?

    A week ago I treated my betta for what I thought might be Columnaris or fungus as I saw the white fuzzy stuff under the chin (first pic). He was a bit lethargic but eating well. I did a full course of Kanaplex and nitrofurazone antibiotics with aquarium salt and the white fuzzy stuff went away after the first day and he got more active towards the end of treatment.

    The last 2 pictures are taken today. He is generally active and eating but there are these white things (circled) under his gill which were there last week too. This gill also looks red and infected.

    Trying to figure what this may be and my next course of treatment. Is this a parasite, gill flukes, eggs, copepod? I am inclined to treat for parasites next but he is not flashing or twitching. Please help if anyone knows and what product (s) would you recommend.
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    Thanks for the post and sorry for the delay!

    The first photo does certainly look like a fungus, but the other photos are hard to say for sure what could be causing the inflamed gills. You may want to try a more broad spectrum treatment since we are unsure of what could be causing the inflammation. ParaGuard is great when you are unsure of the disease, as it is a broad spectrum treatment that will effectively treat external bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. It should be dosed daily and the chemical filtration will need to be removed from the filter. Also, any inverts will need to be removed from the tank during treatment.

    I hope this helps!


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      Unfortunately he passed. He was diagnosed with parasitic eggs using a scrape from a fish vet. Unfortunately in his weakened state and gill hyperplasia he died under treatment.


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        I'm so sorry to hear this! It so hard losing our pets. :(