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Paraguard or Kanaplex after mysterious illness

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  • Paraguard or Kanaplex after mysterious illness

    Hi, I have 2 male phantom tetras and 5 females in a planted 10 gallon. Usually they get along great besides a little fin nipping, but I have recently discovered that one of the females is practically wasted away and lost much of her fins. I've quarantined her for Paraguard dips. My question now is what to do about the main tank as a preventative measure, since I don't know what caused this. Should I just do a week of Paraguard, or go for a full treatment of Kanaplex? I have a mystery snail and amano shrimp in the tank, but I can try and catch them if need be.

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    Good day HGibson,

    If your other fish look healthy and are behaving normally I would treat the individual fish in quarantine as directed on the ParaGuard label and carefully observe your other animals. It may be that your female has gotten sick due to stress from aggression and your other fish are fine. I hope this is the case! If not, and your other fish start showing signs of distress or infection, remove them all to your quarantine system and treat accordingly. Most medications don't play well with plants and invertebrates so treating a planted tank with invertebrates represents a significant disruption. Please keep in touch over the course of treating your female so we can make sure everything else is going ok or work on coming up with an appropriate way to handle further infection in your main display should that be the case,