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  • Ammonia testing

    So I read somewhere that when you use prime it makes the ammonia test inaccurate. Just wondering if this was true or not!

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    It is my understanding that Prime works by binding the free ammonia, making it non-toxic. If so, the only way for Prime to trick the tests is if they are measuring total (free+bound) ammonia. With other words, you may have bound (again, non-toxic) ammonia in the water, but the Seachem Ammonia Alert won't show it, as it is sensitive only to the free form. So, question is: which test(s) are you using?


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      Thanks for the help Zka17! I'm just using an API ammonia test kit for $13 or so. And I also have the nitrite and nitrate kits but I bought them all separate


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        As per the instruction sheet of that kit, it measures total ammonia. That would mean that even if Prime is neutralizing the ammonia, the kit may still show it as present in the water. Which is true, it is there, but it is also bound and non-toxic for fish.

        On the other hand, I would measure the water parameters before the water changes, and use Prime during the water changes. In most cases you will have couple days this way between the Prime addition and testing.

        To note, when Prime binds the ammonia, it is still supposedly available for the beneficial bacteria. That means that it will be converted into Nitrites, then Nitrates. So, if you see Nitrites, then you had ammonia too...


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          Wow thanks so much man! Definitely answered my question and then some. I appreciate it 😀. Do you know anything about ADF's? Haha you should check my other post 😜