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  • FOCUS Use

    At the risk of sounding stupid how exactly are you suppose to use FOCUS?

    I have purchased some and it seems like a fine dry yellow powder. I tried mixing it with some Seachem medication (which was also powder) and just had more powder. I mixed in some food pellets and just had a mix of powder and pellets.

    I added a small amount of water to the final mix and got a yellow puddy like consistency but when I dropped in in the tank it all seemed to just instantly fall apart with the medicine dissolving into the water, the pellets floating away and a brief yellow cloud forming (all before the fish could eat it).

    Is there some specific method or liquid to use (no real instructions on how to use on the container) so that the FOCUS. medicine, and food (all dry ingredients) stay together long enough to allow a fish to eat it?

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    Re: FOCUS Use

    That's not a stupid question at all! You're actually pretty much utilizing Focus exactly as we would recommend; it chemically binds the medication to the food, not necessarily physically. Here is the procedure that I use: mix 1 scoop of Metronidazole (or other medication) with 1 scoop of Focus, add this to the food, then pour in a little bit of GarlicGuard to entice the fish to take the food in more readily. I generally do this just prior to each feeding, though it can be mixed up ahead of time . We hope that your fish will improve quickly. Let us know if you have any other questions!