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  • Purigen leaks

    I'm sold on Seachem products. I have been using Purigen for a several years. I've had several issues with Purigen lately. Some that I purchased turned to a mushy jelly. I've always regenerated according to instructions. Seachem was great and replaced it. Recently I bought it in bulk and tried using The Bag, small size. It slipped through as the granules were too small to be contained. I had to clean the entire tank as I didn't want my fish to injest it. So I went back to buying the 100ml bags. Rinsed them as I've done for years, placed it in the filter and a few hours later Purigen is all over my tank and my fish. What has changed? Are the granules smaller? I saw another post with similar issues of Purigen leaking.

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    Whist not addressing your queries directly, we have been using ladies' stockings successfully for a number of years, changing them every so often as they eventually break down. Never had leakage/spillage etc.
    All the best.


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      Thanks for the post, Chuck Vickery!

      We are sorry for your experience with Purigen. If you would like a replacement please reach out to us via our support email at [email protected] and we are happy to help!