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Accidentally "dosed" stability directly on fish - today he's showing ick-like spots

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  • Accidentally "dosed" stability directly on fish - today he's showing ick-like spots

    It is possible this is completely coincidental but wanted to see if anyone had seen this before - I did a water change in our 20g tank yesterday. After the water change as I was dosing a capful of Stability one of the fish popped to the surface and took the brunt of the dose basically directly on its skin. He swam off and acted normal so I didn't think anything of it - but this morning my daughter said he was covered in white spots that look like Ick or Epistylis. He seems to be acting normal but I'll be starting some Paraguard this afternoon but I also wanted to see if this was something anyone had experienced before.

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    Thanks for the post, paland!
    Stability is simply a bacterial supplement and does not contain anything that would cause harm to fish. Are there other fish showing signs of Ich? What are the parameters of the water i.e. ammonia, nitrite, nitrate? Did the temperature change drastically during the water change?


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      None of the other fish are showing any signs at this point.
      Parameters are 0 amm, 0 nitrite, 5ish ppm nitrate. The water i used for the change was 80F and the tank is 78F, i did roughly a 20% change.


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        I would recommend monitoring the fish to see if the issue persists. You can add ParaGuard as an antiseptic to assist with any external issues you are seeing on the fish. I'm thinking it might just be a coincidence that the fish is showing signs of Ich after the addition of the Stability. Like I mentioned before, there is nothing in the product that could cause any harm to aquatic inhabitants, as it is just a beneficial bacterial supplement.