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Treatment needed for fish in QT with white "fungus" and flashing...

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  • Treatment needed for fish in QT with white "fungus" and flashing...

    Background: I just got some fish in the mail from someone yesterday. I accliimated to a 10 gallon established QT tank w/no fish for several months, but cycle maintained. I dosed Paraguard as a mild prophylactic in the tank as I had done a pretty significant substrate cleaning (lots of mulm that I'd not sucked out). Moved fish in. The 2 smallest of the Endler juveniles almost immediately showed white area on their heads, which I assumed to be fungus. Now this evening there is at least 1 that is flashing on the sand.

    Question: What meds would be best when it's unknown if it's fungus, Columnaris, and/or Ich?

    Note: The 10 gallon QT tank was originally home to 5 Otocinclus. Had a Matten Filter and an Aqueon 10. While the water was kept about 10 ppm Nitrates, when I got ready to move the fish to a different tank, I took out all the plants and decor over a period of a few weeks. So, when I ultimately acclimated them to their new tank, I then noticed that one seemed to have fungus. I moved him to a different QT tank and treated. But, that was about 2 months ago and no treatment has gotten rid of it... which is why I'm unclear as to what this and/or the above actually is. Obviously the new issue noted above w/ the new fish is the flashing, but even the "fungus" wouldn't have shown up with in a few minutes of entering this tank (if the tank was "contaminated" with saprolegnia). The Oto mentioned has not gotten worse in the 2 mo so not thinking Columnaris... but still... I've been treating him with Polyguard.

    So what should I treat for? And with what? TIA

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    Thanks for the post, Carla!

    For either a fungus or bacteria, I would recommend trying a round of our KanaPlex, along with StressGuard. Kanaplex is a great for bacterial and fungal infections, while the StressGuard assists in healing and preventing any secondary infections. StressGuard can be added daily until the fish has healed. KanaPlex can be added every other day for 3 doses. If after the third dose, you are seeing improvement but the infection is still not healed, you can do another round of 3 doses. After the second round you will want to take a break from the medication. Be sure to remove any chemical filtration during treatment.


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      Sorry, I thought I'd said that I had used that before. I guess I forgot. It has never helped with anything fungus related. Neither of the 2 have. So, no suggestions for fungus then? Not Paraguard, not polyguard. Nothing else? And none of the above have worked for any of those 3 issues in the past. So, no thoughts?


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        The other medication I could recommend for fungus would be our SulfaPlex. Since you have already been treating with PolyGuard, it is recommended to finish the treatment since it is an antibiotic. I would also still recommend using the StressGuard along with whatever medication you are treating with for the fungus.