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Gold fish tank GH too Low

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  • Gold fish tank GH too Low

    My Tap water PH is 7, I've been using half dose or less of Gold Buffer to help raise the PH to ~7.5 every water change. Started adding Gold Trace last week, its been 3 doses but the GH does not seem to change much. I know gold fish like hard water. Mine GH is always at 30-40ppm which I think is way too low for them. They seems fine but I want the best environment for them to grow. Is there any Seachem product I can use to increase GH without messing with PH and KH? I have a 75gallons tank, small rocks substrate and no plants in tank.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Thanks for the post, LouisLu!

    For GH, I would recommend using our Replenish, which will help to increase your GH. Keep in mind that you can add it to the tank for the full volume until your desired level is reached, thereafter, you will only add it at water changes for the volume of water being replaced. I hope this helps!