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Re-Mineralizing RO water, again..

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  • Re-Mineralizing RO water, again..

    Hello. I'm having difficulty mineralizing RO water with Equililbrum, Alk, and Acid buffers. I am using RO water as my softened well water is still terrible!!
    For several years I used Replenish with no additional buffers in a small tank with sand substrate and plastic plants. This worked fine. When I added plants, I substituted Equilibrium, and Alk and Acid buffers. The test kits say the water is GH3, KH3, and Ph7.0. Right where I want it. The problem is the tank is permanently cloudy. I dissolve the products in a bucket with a powerhead. I have tried reducing the light, changing water, Purigen, and Clarity with no help. Any ideas??

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    Thanks for the post, FreshFish!
    Would you mind giving us a rundown of your mixing method? Do you put all the powders in at once? Which ones do you put in first? How long do you let it sit in the bucket before you put it into the aquarium? Once in the aquarium, what are the parameters? Would you happen to have a picture of the tank when it's cloudy?
    If you can provide a bit more information, we are happy to further troubleshoot!