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Remineralizing RO for axolotl

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  • Remineralizing RO for axolotl

    I just got an axolotl a few weeks ago and realized they dont' do well with water softeners (due to replacement Ca and Mg with Na). I am getting an RO system to start transitioning my axolotl off soften water. How do I go about remineralizing RO water? Equillibrium, acid buffer, and alkaline buffer? Ive been told I could start introducing remineralized RO into the tank with water changes but will buffer additives react with the water that is currently in the tank and swing the Ph or Kh levels?

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    Thanks for the post, Amandalorian!

    To replenish the minerals in the RO water, we would recommend our Replenish, as long as you are not keeping live plants in the tank. If you do keep live plants, we would recommend either Seachem Equilibrium or aquavitro mineralize. Anytime you are using a GH supplement, you will initially add it to your aquarium to set your desired GH, thereafter, you only add it at water changes to the replacement water to maintain it. If you already have a level of GH in the aquarium, then you will simply add the supplement to your replacement water at water changes to maintain it. None of these mentioned supplements will have an impact on pH or KH, only GH.

    I hope this helps!


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      Thank you,
      I dont need anything for adding KH? Axolotls need GH 8-14 and KH 4-7 degrees


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        Alkaline Buffer will increase both pH and KH. If you are wanting to target a specific pH and KH, you will want to use both the Alkaline and Acid Buffers together in a specified ratio.