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Seachem Fresh Trace & Seachem Replenish

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  • Seachem Fresh Trace & Seachem Replenish

    Hey everyone!

    So I have very soft water and just started using Seachem Replenish to re-mineralize my aquarium water. Before that I was dosing with Seachem Fresh Trace twice a week as recommended. Can I use Fresh Trace along with Replenish to provide the other trace elements that my fish needs (that Replenish doesn't have) or is it unsafe to mix since they both contain calcium and magnesium and the water would have an extra amount of them both?

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    Thanks for the post, DaunnyJD!

    It is perfectly fine to use Replenish and Fresh Trace together. Trace elements are depleted quickly in an aquarium so they do not build up to toxic levels. I would use the Replenish at water changes to adjust the mineral content or GH of the new water and add the Fresh Trace twice per week as you have been doing.

    I hope this helps!


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      Thank you so much for your help!


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        No worries!