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Aquavitro with seachem Flourish products

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  • Aquavitro with seachem Flourish products

    Can I use Aquavitro Activate and Aquavitro Synthesis together with Seachem Flourish Potassium, Excel, Iron, Flourish, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Potassium and Trace? To dose Seachem Flourish products I use SEACHEM'S DAILY DOSING CHART Disclaimer-Conversion.xls . To dose Aquavitro products, I follow what is on the product label. Thanks

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    Thanks for the post, Alf2020!
    You would not need to use activate and synthesis, if you are also using Flourish Nitrogen and Phosphorus, as that would be an overlap of nutrients. I would choose between the aquavitro activate and synthesis OR Flourish Nitrogen and Phosphorus. I would not use all 4 products.
    I hope this helps!


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      I wrote wrong. In the Flourish list I replace Flourish Nitrogen and Phosphorus with Activate and Synthesis, but the other products are still Flourish. From what I understand I won't have any problems.

      Another question: activate already has potassium, I need to use the flourish potassium?


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        No worries! Yes, it is completely fine to replace the Flourish Nitrogen and Phosphorus with activate and synthesis. Depending on how densely planted your aquarium is, you may or may not need the Flourish Potassium. If you have a heavily planted tank, you will likely still need to use the Flourish Potassium. Just keep an eye out for any deficiencies, which is tiny pin holes in the leaves for potassium. Generally speaking a good potassium level is maintained between 5-10ppm. I hope this helps!