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Treating possible Ich with ParaGuard

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  • Treating possible Ich with ParaGuard

    Our goldfish have been well but we think we have an Ich situation in our 70 Gal tank with 5 mature fish (2 to 5 years).
    We have sufficient ParaGuard for 15 days dosing, and being in Australia, we are unable to source more within a short timeframe.
    We have to be away for a few days this coming weekend, minimum 3 maybe 4 days away.
    In the case we can’t find someone to come and dose in our absence what would the recommended course of action be please?
    We are thinking to:
    # raise temp gently from 21.5C to say 24.5C
    # dose NaCl gently up to 0.5%
    # dose ParaGuard now and recommence on return.

    Please offer us any advice on this plan that may improve our success, I am not sure stopping and restarting medication with less than 14 days remaining on our return is such a good idea.

    Thanks, JD.

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    Thanks for the post, Goldfishes!

    I think your method is sound and will be the best option in the case you can't have someone come over while you are away. It is better to begin treatment in the early stages of the infection, if possible. Be careful raising the temperature, as Goldfish typically prefer cooler waters. If you can do it before you leave and monitor them a bit to ensure they tolerate the higher temp., that would be my recommendation. Be sure to remove any chemical filtration while treating such as carbon. Recommence the treatment as soon as you return home for the remainder of the treatment period.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!


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      Thanks for the advice.

      We gently warmed and salted the water, and then considered that Ich was not in our tank before the few days away. We didn’t medicate.

      On return we were glad to see we were correct, and no signs of infection present on the fishes.

      the reason we thought it could have been Ich is that our girls developed some white spots on their tail fins, but these have remained the same with no spots on other fish, and it seems like some new colouring going on.

      Thanks again and HNY!


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        No worries! Glad to hear they are all in good health! Happy New Year!