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Cupramine dose and garlic

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  • Cupramine dose and garlic

    Currently I am medicating my freshwater angelfish with cupramine. I started the treatment on sunday, yesterday I supplied it the second dose. My question is: During the fourteen days of treatment, do I have to repeat the dose? I know that you have to do tests, but if I don't have the possibility to do it, how could I finish the treatment? And my other question is: Can I supply raw garlic to the tank during the treatment with cupramine?, I know garlic is very good to prevent and cure parasites, besides that it increases fish appetite.
    Thanks in advance
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    Thanks for the post, yehoo!

    Once you have reached the therapeutic level of 0.25mg/L for freshwater, you typically should not have to re-dose during the treatment period unless you do a water change, in which case you will add the Cupramine for the volume of the replacement water to maintain that 0.25mg/L level in the aquarium. However, if you are treating a tank with substrate and/or rock, then it is going to be very important to test the copper level, as some of the copper may get adsorbed to those porous surfaces, lowering the level and requiring a larger dose than recommended on the label to achieve the desired results. Using the raw garlic should not cause any issue with the Cupramine. You do not want to mix any other medications or use any reducing agents such as water conditioners with the Cupramine. If you do a water change with tap water and need to use a dechlorinator, you will need to pre-mix the water ahead of time to remove chlorine and chloramine. Typically, 48 hours is enough time for the conditioner to dissipate from the water. Instead, of using raw garlic, you can also consider trying our GarlicGuard in the food as a soak.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!


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      Thanks for your response. I wil do it according to your recommendation


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        No worries!