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  • RO water advise

    I have a small 15 gallon planted tank. I want to use RO water and have alkaline buffer. Equllibrium. Acid buffer. I go to my local fish store and they fill up a 5 gallon container for me. The seachem website calculator says I should put 12.3 grams of alk. Buffer to achieve a kh of 7. It also says 24 grams of equllibrium to achieve a gh of 7. Does this seem right. Seems kind of high amounts?

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    Thanks for the post, Sthomas!

    The online calculator uses meq/L for the units and not degrees of hardness. In order to convert, you have to divide your degrees of hardness by 2.8 (7/2.8=2.5 meq/L). This changes the result to 10 grams (0.6 tablespoons) of Equilibrium to 5 gallons of RO water to achieve 7dGH. Same goes for the Alkaline Buffer, so you would add 4.4 grams (0.6 teaspoons) to achieve 7dKH or 2.5 meq/L.

    I hope this clarifies any confusion!