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Betta with possible swim bladder due to tumor and loosing his tail fins

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  • Betta with possible swim bladder due to tumor and loosing his tail fins

    I have a male Betta that is approximately 2 years old, he started showing signs of having a tumor about 3 months after I got him. He scraped his tail on something in the tank one night and I immediately took it out and treated him with a Betta natural solution to help the fins heal, it helped for a while and I noticed that as he grew his tail didn't grow with him, as well as him having the tumor on his back. He was swimming & interacting with me normally and then about 3 months ago he started getting worse, he looked like he had fin rot so I treated again with a couple of other brand meds and natural meds, then got the ParaGuard to treat him because I wasn't sure if he had an infection that was bacterial or viral or fungal and it says it treats them all. During the course of all of this I checked water parameters, fed different things like daphnia and blood worms and fasted him a couple days a week. My water parameters have never been off, I keep them stable and I keep his temperature stable, I have 5 other tanks and haven't a problem with any of them, I use my tanks for therapy so I'm always making sure they have proper water changes and so on. In the last week he has started floating on top of the water on his side. He can't swim in both directions like he can only turn one way his spine started curving about 6 months ago which I was told was a birth defect it's not curved vertically like in that of fish TB it's more curled to the side. I've tried putting him in Epsom salt baths, fasting him for three days, and did another round of ParaGuard. I'm really struggling to figure out what else I can do to help him, I don't like seeing him struggling. When I feed him before I could put some food in and move it towards him and he would eat it or chase it as it fell down now I'm having to actually hand feed him, holding the food right at his mouth so he doesn't have to chase it because he won't, his fins aren't clamped but he does just float around and rests on his floating log and plants I have for him. Any suggestions on what to try next, I'm really trying to do what's best for him. Sam means so much to me he has helped me in so many ways I don't want to loose him. I feel bad he looks so horrible. Thanks for any help or advice.

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    Hello SaraS,

    I'm so sorry to hear about Sam! I know how special fish can be; especially in situations like yours. There's not much that can be done about tumors, but we can certainly address the fin rot. I'd recommend Kanaplex for that as it's a more specific treatment for the most common pathogens that cause fin rot. Please make sure to run the full course as directed on the label and keep me updated on his progress.

    If you can, add a small air stone for some gentle circulation and a little extra oxygen in the water.
    Kind regards,