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New aquarium, need help making sure I have what I need.

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  • New aquarium, need help making sure I have what I need.

    Hello all. I recently purchased the equipment I think I need to get my freshwater aquarium built. I was originally going to use RO only and remineralize using a combination of Equilibrium, and Acid and Alkaline buffers. However, after researching a bit more, I found a ratio of RO to spring water that seems to balance my numbers for the fish I'm planning on keeping.

    For reference, I'm going to have a couple low maintenance plants, a couple guppies, and possibly two shrimp in a 10 gallon aquarium. After some testing, if I use a 2:1 ratio of RO to spring water I get the following numbers. I think this is how the numbers are presented; I'm using the API liquid test:

    dKH: 5 (89.5)
    GH: 6 (107.4)
    pH: 7.8

    Now my question is, with the numbers above, do I still need either the buffers or Equilibrium? If not, I'd like to return them and get something else I might need. I haven't put this water into the aquarium yet as I only just got done aquascaping. I will have a small piece of driftwood so I don't think that will alter my pH too much. I also want to perform a fishless cycle. Any help is appreciated.

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    Researched more and I think a 1:1 ratio is better given the numbers. This ratio gives:
    dKH: 8
    dGH: 8
    pH: 7.8


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      Thanks for the post, Fryish! If your mix of RO and spring water is yielding these numbers, it is probably not necessary to add the Acid/Alkaline Buffers or Equilibrium.

      I hope this helps!