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Purigen® & Amines: Is Aqua Plus with EDTA & PVP safe to regenerate Purigen®?

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  • Purigen® & Amines: Is Aqua Plus with EDTA & PVP safe to regenerate Purigen®?

    Purigen & Amines: Is Aqua Plus which contains EDTA and PVP safe to use for regenerating Purigen®?

    Purigen® is a great product and Seachem® is a responsive and reputable company; I’ve run into an issue with product instructions, but it’s not diminished them in my view.

    I purchased a 100ml mesh pouch of Purigen® for my tank. The only direction on the package was a short paragraph on use and exhaustion. I purchased Purigen® for its reusability and was surprised that the package said nothing about regeneration and didn’t list a source for further information.

    Searching online I found the Seachem website, the product and then the regeneration instructions which said: “Rinse well, then soak for 8 hours with a solution containing 4 tablespoons of Prime®, or equivalent dechlorinator per cup of water.” The Seachem® directions went on to say that “some slime coat products may permanently foul Purigen® and render regeneration difficult.

    Why isn’t this prominently placed on the package or enclosed instructions?

    Ironically Seachem® would probably sell more Prime® if a compatibility warning was printed on the Purigen® package. It’s great that you have more info on your FAQ page, but it would be far better if the problem was made clear to consumers on the package in the store, so they could make an informed choice or purchase Prime® to go with it… or have your package refer to the website directions with this critical information.

    I thought I had a safe “equivalent” dechlorinator as Seachem’s® FAQ said that EDTA was safe, but I have further concern. Some dechlorinators are still amine based, even if EDTA is listed it may not be the only form of amine in the solution.

    To resolve this I contacted Seachem® directly, who sent me to the dechlorinator manufacturer, who sent me back to Seachem®… but I still don’t have an answer. The dechlorinator manufacturer (Hagen Nutrafin Aqua Plus®) advised that Aqua Plus® contains EDTA as well as a very small amount of PVP (an amine terminate) which in some circumstances may cause issues with certain products.

    I have a bag soaking in solution now… I just need to know if it’s garbage or safe for continued use. It’s unfortunate if $20 reusable products must be thrown out after single use due to poor instructions and communication with consumers… or if we have to go back to the store after reading the only instructions online to discover that we need a different $20 product to make the first one work. The consumer experience is not ideal.

    So back to the main question: is Aqua Plus with EDTA and PVP safe to use for regenerating Purigen®?

    Thanks for your feedback and support.