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Seachem prime & stability.

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  • Seachem prime & stability.

    hi seachem, read Online about the two products with fish in cycle as I was too rush to buy 20-30 shrimps . Done a research and found out this two product to cycle my current shrimp tank .
    Day 1 : 0.5 ppm ammonia ( using api test kit )
    0 nitrites and nitrate .
    Day 2 : 1.0 ppm ammonia 0 nitrites and nitrate
    Day 3 : 1.0 ppm ammonia 0.25 nitires and 10nitrate .
    Today is the 3rd day using . Is this normal to have 3 reading ?
    Using a 150l/hr canister and sponge filter in a 1.5ft tank . Filter media as following; filter floss , bioball ( those black plastic , seachem matrix .
    Thanks in advance! Sorry for such a newbie with so many questions.

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    Thanks for the post! This sounds like a perfect cycle! All tanks are different and will have varying cycle times. Some can cycle their tank in a week, while it takes others up to a month or more. It looks like you are going to be one of the lucky ones that get through the cycle really quickly. Ultimately, you want to get zero ammonia and nitrites, while having a reading for nitrates. Continue adding the Stability for a week according to the instructions and add Prime every other day until the tank is fully cycled. I would recommend holding off on water changes during the Stability treatment, but after that initial week, you can begin doing routine weekly water changes of about 10-15%. Stability can be added after water changes, any time you add new fish or if you ever have to medicate.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!


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      Hi thanks ! Today I just got my new reading which is 0.5 ammonia 0nitrite and 0 nitrate . What is happening here ? It doesn't seems alright as I didn't change water and my nitrate and nitrite is missing


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        Are you still adding the Stability? Are you adding Prime every other day to detoxify any ammonia or nitrite that is produced? Are you adding food for the shrimps daily?


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          Hi yes I am still adding stability and prime and feed them too .
          Edit : does activated charcoal destroy prime and stability?
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            Activated carbon should not effect Prime or Stability. However, adding chemical filtration during the cycling process has the potential to slow the process a bit because the chemical filtration will remove organics which are the precursors to ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate which feed your beneficial bacteria. I would recommend taking out the chemical filtration while you are starting your cycle, to speed the process as much as possible. The levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate aren't always the same across every tank that cycles, so I would recommend for you to keep testing your levels, and as long as ammonia and nitrite consistently read 0 and nitrates start at 0 and slowly start to climb, you can consider your tank cycled!