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  • Matrix under gravel

    I was thinking last night,,,what would happen if one placed a layer / bed of Matrix under the subtrate of a tank. Assume 2 inches of Matrix with about 2 or so inches of gravel on top of it.

    Would this allow the Matrix to be in an oxegen deprived environment so as to allow the growth of anaerobic bacteria to reduce Nitrates?


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    Re: Matrix under gravel

    That is a good question, John. You certainly can utilize Matrix in this fashion, however, it is not necessarily important that the Matrix itself is in a zone that is deprived of oxygen, as the Matrix contains internal pores that can easily house sufficient colonies of denitrifying bacteria. (The internal pores are oxygen-deficient and can provide a home for denitrifying bacteria.) Therefore, nitrates will be controlled by Matrix regardless of its placement in an anoxic zone.


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      Re: Matrix under gravel

      Thanks for your insights...

      I really like Martix and I have it in as many spots in my tank / filter systems as possible. Any chance to increase surface area in the tank is a good idea.

      By way of a follow up, how does the denitrifying bacteria find its way into those little internal pores within the Matrix? Is there any way to "seed" the Matrix and move the process along? Is there a liquid that we can soak the rocks in?

      Thanks in advance for any information on this matter.


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        Re: Matrix under gravel

        You are very welcome!

        Bacteria are extremely tiny organisms that will easily find their way into the pores of the Matrix. However, if you want to expedite this process, than I would recommend using Stability. This is a bacterial supplement that works hand in hand with the Matrix. Stability contains a blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria that will quickly colonize the Matrix and consume ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates. Initially, you should use the Stability daily for 7 days according to the instructions, thereafter, use at water changes, whenever you medicate, and/or whenever you add new fish. It is always a good idea to boost your biological filter, as there is potential for some bacteria to become compromised during these times. It will not be necessary to take the rocks out and soak them, simply add the Stability directly to your tank. Here is a link if you would like to read further about Stability:


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          Stability, Matrix and Nitrates


          As it stands now, my tank is established:

          -- Ammonia and Nitrites are 0 ppm
          -- Water is crystal clear, tank in planted and fish seem happy.
          -- Nitrates are 40+ ppm, even with frequent partial water changes, so I want to get the Nitrates to process better in the tank...that is what I am counting on with the Matrix.

          I went out and bought a bottle of Stability today. I am adding it per instructions and I am excited to see how it all turns out!


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            Re: Matrix under gravel

            That sounds great! Using the Matrix in conjunction with the Stability will yield excellent results with lowering your nitrates!

            Keep us posted!