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discus/flukes and paraguard

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  • discus/flukes and paraguard

    I have a planted discus tank and I recently added a new blue diamond. The other discus I believe have come down with flukes or something bacterial. This came on after a bit of overfeeding and a slight PH spike when I changed the water straight from the tap w/ a python.
    The fish have a bit of white mucous on their bodies and some fin clamping(mostly one clamped fin w/ one pumping more rapidly), they are also sratching against plants/wood,etc.
    I am treating w/ heat, rock salt, some Marycyn and I also have Paraguard. If it's bacterial I'm using an antibiotic but will Paraguard be effective w/ flukes, how should I use it.? Can it be used in conjunction w/ an antibiotic? What is the shelf life for Paraguard, particulary after opening it?
    Also, do you have a product well suited to adjusting Ph as water is added directly to the tank as if w/ a python. My area water is higher in PH and likely needs to be adjusted a bit but I like using the python directly.