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    I have a 210 gallon Peacock/Hap tank. My house has a water softner, so I have been using Seachem Replenish when I do water changes. I have been dosing at 1 ml per gallon. I do weekly water changes of 95 to 100 gallons, so I dose 100 ml of Replenish. My GH and KH have been steady at 6. Am I using the Replenish properly, and is there anything else I should be using such as Cichlid Lake Salt? Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for the post, Pjm8804!

    When adding a mineral supplement, you typically add it when you first setup the tank to the desired GH level and thereafter, only at water changes. You are doing it correctly by adding it at water changes, which seems to be maintaining your GH. However, you may want to consider using the Cichlid Lake Salt instead of the Replenish, as it was designed specifically for African Cichlids and contains the proper ratios of elements for remineralization of their environment. The Replenish certainly will not harm them, but if you want to possibly see better coloration and behavior, you should try the Cichlid Lake Salt in place of the Replenish at water changes. :)