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How much American cichlid salt to use

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  • How much American cichlid salt to use

    GH of my tap water is 9 degrees, I am targeting 15 degrees. How much American cichlid I have to add to specifically achieve this?
    I used to use replenish, 2 caps per 10 gallon to do this.

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    Good day Ruturaj,

    Since every aquarium system has unique water chemistry, it's difficult to give an exact amount to add that would work for every tank under all circumstances. Looking back on the forums, it looks like you're keeping Flowerhorns, is that correct? In order to best determine how much American Cichlid Salt you'll need to add to your tank to get the GH you want, as well as to avoid stressing your fish, I would add the recommended dose then wait a day, then measure GH to see how much it's changed and go from there. If it's possible, I would recommend getting a separate mixing container to use to treat the water you'll add during water changes and adjust the chemistry of that instead. If that's not possible, adding ACS directly to your tank is ok. For now, use the recommended dose on the label, and slowly increase it as needed to reach your target GH.

    I hope this helps.



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