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Buffering question-- Mbuna cichlids

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  • Buffering question-- Mbuna cichlids

    Hello Seachem team and Seachem lovers :)

    I have a question regarding buffering my tap water for mbuna cichlids. I will be preparing my water for 24 hours in a 150lt preparation barrel (Around 35% of net water volume) - Using prime and stability
    I do have coral sand as substrate (75kgs) and around 2kgs of coral bones in my canister filters, together with pumice for biomedia.

    Let me write my tap parameters first;

    PH: 7.2-7.5'
    NO2: 0
    NH3-4: 0
    NO3: 20 ! yes... unfortunately
    GH: 7-8
    KH: 6-7

    The problem here in Shanghai is that i cannot find SEACHEM cichlid buffers...

    So my questions as below:

    1. Can i use the reef/marine buffers to increase PH/GH/KH? - i can find these here in Shanghai
    2. How much should i use in 150lt prep water ?
    3. How big will be the impact of the calcareous substrate and coral bones, after the already buffered water enters the aquarium? Will these cause instability in my parameters, which of course will harm the fish?


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    Thanks for the post, Fotios13!

    I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to get our Cichlid products for your tank. To increase your pH, GH, and KH for your Mbuna tank, we would recommend using our Alkaline Buffer and Replenish products instead of the reef products. Alkaline Buffer is a carbonate based buffer that will increase your pH and KH, while the Replenish is a mineral replacement supplement that will increase your GH. Are you able to get these items in your area? Typically, calcareous substrate and coral bones will have a slow release of calcium and carbonates that will act more like a safety net. You will just need to monitor your calcium and alkalinity closely for a while to get an idea of the impact of those substances in your aquarium, as they will differ from tank to tank.


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