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Paraguard and Metroplex duration?

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  • Paraguard and Metroplex duration?

    Ive been treating a particularly tough outbreak of ich for 29 days now with paraguard daily and metroplex treated food. The ich still seems to be present although its much better. My question is now that i have reached the end of the safe duration of these medications what should i do? How long do i need to wait to start the same regiment again? Is it safe to immediately start a treatment with a different product or should i wait a prescribed amount of tine?
    83.5 temp
    PH 8.2
    Ammonia and nitrite 0
    Nitrate 30
    Weekly 50% water changes
    Paraguard has been administered daily at 930 pm
    1 scoop metro with 2 scoops focus and northfin pellets fed 1 time daily

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    Thanks for the post and we are sorry to hear about the parasitic outbreak in your tank!

    It sounds like you may need a stronger treatment such as our Cupramine. Are you able to dose a copper based medication into your tank or is it a reef system?


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      Its freshwater so yes I would be able to use cupramine. Should i give them a break first? I have started raising the temp to 87 in hopes of eradicating it through heat


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        If they are already infested with the parasites, I would get them on the Cupramine treatment as soon as possible. ParaGuard only remains active in the water column for 24 hours, so as long as you wait that time frame after your last dose, you can move forward with the Cupramine. We don't recommend mixing any other treatments, including MetroPlex and high heat, with Cupramine, as this can cause more stress on the fish. Also, if you have any inverts in the system, I would recommend removing them as well during the treatment. I hope this helps!