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GH and Cichlid Salt

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  • GH and Cichlid Salt

    Hello! I have had a couple of freshwater tanks and wanted to try a cichlid tank. However, I am not in a place where I can easily use RO water for my 55 gallon tank, only tap water. In the process of testing the water before adding the lake salt I tested the GH in the tank, which turned out to be 17. This is much higher than Seachem's recommended GH, before even adding the salt. I was wondering if I should just use Cichlid Trace and forget the salt? If there are other options, please feel free to offer them up.

    Right now my readings are GH:17, KH:12, pH 7.4 (bringing this up now). I have aragonite sand, and rocks in the aquarium. I did check my source water and the GH, KH readings were like 15 and 10, so just a bit lower.


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    Thanks for the post, Dcreelma! I would actually recommend diluting your tap water with some RO water if possible. This should help to bring your GH down into the preferred range of the fish. Otherwise, you certainly can just use the Cichlid Trace and avoid the use of a GH booster because your GH is already high - the Cichlid Trace should not impact the GH!

    I hope this helps!