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Salts????? help im new

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  • Salts????? help im new

    Ok so i have a Lake Victoria tank and im using just regular aquarium salt and have been looking at switching to the cichlid lake salt. do i need to do a water change before i add the lake salt? i just did a 75% water change and only added 3 tbl spoons of regular aquarium salt to my 55 gallon tank. would it be ok to just add a little bit of the lake salt or wait until next water change to start it? whats the best way to start? start out at half then next water change 3/4 then w/c then the full dose ???? also can i still use the cichlid trace elements in the bottle and the buffer or does the lake salt take care of the need for the liquid trace elements? thank you

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    Hello I’m new to the hobby (pauldio) can I use purigen while cyclists big a tank???


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      I meant to say a tank. It’s a 75 gallon tank.


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        Hello luket, thanks for posting! I recommend when you do a water change next time, add the Cichlid Lake Salt. Please also refer back to my message on one of your other posts. Cichlid Trace contains trace elements that fish need that Cichlid Lake Salt does not supply. So adding Cichlid Trace along with Cichlid Lake Salt will ensure the fish get what they need to thrive. Since Cichlid Lake Salt does not affect KH or pH, you would use Malawi/Victoria Buffer to set pH. Thank you!


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          Hello Pauldio, thank you for the post! We found generally that by having a higher organic waste, that can help cycling to go faster. Purigen will filter out and remove organics so water stays polished and clear. During cycling though, it is best to remove Purigen.