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Help Identifying Internal Parasites and Help with Treatment

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  • Help Identifying Internal Parasites and Help with Treatment

    I have been treating my 55 gal tank for internal parasites for some time now. I began with Prazipro with little success. I discontinued use. My LFS recommended Focus and Metroplex. I treated the food and it seemed to clear up in about three weeks. I had to remove my Blue Johanni and Frontosa and quarantine them because they are refusing food, not improving, and have diarrhea. I have tried NLS pellets, Massivore Delight, krill, brine shrimp, blood worms, and Garlic Guard. I even went as far to force feeding them, but stopped because it seemed so stressful for them. The photos I have attached are what I have found in the feces. The top right photo is hard to see but it's elongated with one tapered end. The photos on the bottom are what I continually am finding in their feces (all photo's are at 10X magnification). My question is if there is a way to identify my findings and if there is a specific direction to take the treatment since they're refusing food. Thank you for your time.

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    Thanks for the post, bnielson! This looks like the Hexamita parasite to me. Your local fish store was correct that MetroPlex and Focus in the food will be our most effective treatment measure for this infection.

    MetroPlex can be dosed directly to the water column if the fish are not eating, and should still be an effective treatment measure, but I would recommend removing any invertebrates or plants that you may have in the quarantine tank.

    I hope this helps!