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Using Seachem Gold Buffer in Peacock Tank - confused about KH & GH

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  • Using Seachem Gold Buffer in Peacock Tank - confused about KH & GH

    I have 6 peacocks in a 35 gallon tank. The fish and tank are 6 years old. I had a big container of Gold Buffer I didn't want to waste so I've been using that as it buffers to 7.8. Today I tested for GH and KH for the first time and I'm a bit confused, I didn't think buffer altered GH. GH in tank is 24 drops of test kit, around 430ppm, GH out of tap is 4 drops, around 71.6ppm (tap reading is in accordance with Sydney Water Report). KH in tank and from tap is 6 drops, around 107.4ppm. Does this make sense? I ordered some cichlid salts to harden the water after reading Sydney Water Report, will the salts affect the GH and KH readings? Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 80 (25 out of tap), and pH buffered to 7.8. Tap water is pH 7.6 stable for 48 hours but pH falls in tank after a couple of days so that's why I started using buffer. No plants. Am dosing tank with Melafix, one fish appeared to have sore gills, spat out food when trying to eat and hiding. Not holding eggs that I could see, I'm pretty sure all the fish are males anyway. Fish is acting normal again but Melafix still in tank.

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    Yeah, I've been reading product descriptions and I think if I add cichlid salts it will increase the KH and all will be hunky dory. ;)


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      Thanks for the post, fishmerised! Gold Buffer does contain some magnesium salts and can potentially raise the GH a bit in higher doses. It will also raise the KH and keep the pH stable between about 7.2 and 7.8!

      The Cichlid Salts will raise the GH ONLY but not the KH.

      I hope this helps!


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        Thank you.


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          No worries!