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Chlorine is the enemy

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  • Chlorine is the enemy

    We’re at a loss and need help! Have a beautiful new 64 gallon glass rimless tank and solid wood stand, have all the décor and equipment setup for Cichlids. What we don’t have is fish. Our Chlorine levels are too high and we lost a few when we thought it was safe enough to add them. The tank has been cycling since 4/21, almost 5 weeks. We worked carefully to get the Nitrates, Nitrites and Ammonia to healthy levels and thought we were home free. But our enemy is Chlorine. We can’t seem to get it under control, we do a water test about every other day. We have used various products including Quickstart, Tap Water Conditioner and Seachem Prime and have read so much about Chlorine and Chloramine (used by our county water treatment plant) that our heads are spinning. We have not tried a partial water change because we don’t understand how taking water we already have treated in the tank and replacing it with new tap water will help….won’t it just add more Chlorine/Chloramine and start our Nitrite/Nitrate/Ammonia battle over again?

    We need suggestions and guidance so we can finally add fish without the fear of losing them and start enjoying the aquarium. What started as a fun and exciting endeavor has turned into a stressful head-scratching struggle.

    Specs: 2 standard 525 GPH pumps/water sock/sponge filters in the sump, SunSun HW-704B 525 GPH 5-Stage External Canister Filter with 9W UV Sterilizer with carbon bio balls, ceramic o-rings and polishing pads, 425 GPH circulation and wave pump, Aqueon 200 watt heater, CaribSea Sand for Cichlids, 40 pounds of CaribSea Base Rock, artificial plants and a few sea shells. We just ordered PennPlax Pro-Carb filters with activated carbon which specifically mentions removing Chloramine and an air pump/aerator to add oxygen to the water, and will add them this weekend.

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    Hello Diana17, Thank you for the post. I just have a couple of questions. What test kit are you using to test for Chlorine and Chloramine? What is the method that you use to add Prime, such as how much are you adding, pre-treating or adding to the entire tank? Prime will take care of chlorine and chloramine levels commonly found in tap water. If your local water report stated chlorine and chloramine levels higher than normal, you can safely add 5X the standard dose.


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      Thanks for replying! For water tests we've used API test strips, Tetra easy strips and have taken water samples to a big box pet store for testing. We didn't add 5x the dose because the directions indicated this approach for high nitrites, we added 2x for high chloramine, but it's good to know we can add additional, we'll definitely try this. When we added Prime we added it directly to the water in the tank.
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        Hello Diana17,

        That is a beautiful tank you have there! If adding Prime directly to the tank, the dosage should be according to the volume of water in the tank, not just volume of new water. Would love to hear any updates!


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          We too are having issues with one of our tanks whereby Chlorine is still showing on test strips. Not so on our other tanks. Having losses even though all other tests indicate fine for the species we have. Wondering if there are any known false positives perhaps due to interactions with other products (although nothing seems to be different with this tank compared with our others). Chlorine tests have shown positive for weeks now.


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            Hello Bluewater, thanks for the post! Have you been using Safe or Prime? If so, how much do you dose and how are you dosing conditioners? Looking forward toy our reply.