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white poo in discus

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  • white poo in discus

    Hi, i had a sick discus,even my lfs said he would probably die,he was head down and not eating,looked classic airbladder.Tried esha 2000 huge water change and used carbon,perked up a little and then went back to normal.I just had a feeling it was bacterial so whilst I was waiting for paraguard to arrive I dewormed the tank........again no visible improvement waited a couple of days,big water change and carbon for 48 hours..............Used paraguard last night and whilst I am not sure if out of the woods, the turnaround has been remarkable .Today he is swimming better and has eaten for the first time in around 10 days and is actively now looking for food.His colour shows marked improvement. I have just noticed white poo from pigeon blood,it is a healthy fish, still eats very well and is very active. I know white poo can be an indication of problems but could it be the worming process finally happening? or should I be concerned .As I stated in great health and water parameters are excellent with almost 0 nitrates alongside 0 ammonia ,nitrite ph 6.4-6.6 thanks

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    Hello fatsdp, thanks for the post! Glad to hear ParaGuard is helping your discus. As for the white poo with the pigeon blood, it is a sign of internal parasitic infection. White poo is not worms, but actually intestinal lining. I would recommend treating with MetroPlex in a food mix, as ParaGuard will not treat internal parasitic infections. You can still carry out the ParaGuard treatment in the mean time. I hope this helps. Thank you!


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      Thanks for that ,will I have to carbon filter the paraguard out and wait before I add metroplex? thank you


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        Hi there fatsdp! Yes exactly - I would recommend waiting about 24 hours after your last dose with ParaGuard to start treatment with the MetroPlex. :)

        I hope this helps!