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  • Caribsea cichlid sand

    Ive seen caribsea african cichlid mix sand claims to maintain high ph and alkilinity would that mean it could be harmful using seachem cichlid lake salt with that sand as a subrate? I currently use crushed coral substrate to maintain ph but im starting a 90gal soon and would like to get away from crushed coral and use a sand but dont want to use chemicals to maintain the ph but i guess whats confusing is its claim of maintaining high alkilinity...doesnt youf cichlid lake salt do that so if i use that sand as well as cls will i have issues?? Sorry so long SEACHEM ROCKS!!

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    Thanks for the post, Freightliner fever! Cichlid Lake Salt boosts GH, but shouldn't affect your pH or alkalinity. If the sand also contributes minerals to the water that raise GH, you may see your GH drift above your desired level, and may need to adjust your dosing of the Cichlid Lake Salt at water changes. I would suggest fairly frequent testing of your water parameters when first adding the sand, to ensure all of your parameters are within the desired range!

    I hope this helps!


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      Thanks very much👍👍😀😀


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        No worries!