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Acid buffer raising gh - TDS, help, thoughts

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  • Acid buffer raising gh - TDS, help, thoughts

    Hello, I am keeping Apistos and Rams, when I add Acid Buffer the TDS reaches sky high to 360 and gh to 10-11!

    Why is that? It is definately the acid buffer causing this as I know my 9 aquariums very well. Is there a fix to this issue?? As Apistogrammas and Rams like 1-5 dgh (gh) and 1-5 kh. Also, when I don't add any alkaline buffer the kh will drop to 2 from about 4. I think this is fine isn't? I also have live plants...

    Please let me know about the acid buffer and highering gh as this is a problem for me, I may have to stop Seachem Acid Buffer instead and look at other products.

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    Thanks for the post easywolf31! When you add anything to an aquarium, the TDS will rise, as TDS is just a measurement of how many things are in the water that are not pure H2O. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you know what is contributing to the TDS (buffers, minerals, trace elements). The addition of some components that are not pure H2O are actually necessary for fish health!

    Acid Buffer should not raise GH directly. Do you add any other supplements to your water before adding the water to the tank? What kind of substrate or decoration do you have in the tank?


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      Hi there, thanks very much for your response. Ok the TDS is lowering must have been something else. I have a new question now. I want to keep Electric Blue Rams and Apistogramma Agassizis. I would like to maintain the pH in the 5.5-6.25 area. But at the same time I'd like to maintain the KH and GH in the 1-5 area as well.

      Would you suggest I continue with Acid and Alkaline Buffers, or Acid Regulator (or Discus buffer) and Neutral Regulator? How can I bring my paramaters to the 5.5-6.25 pH, 1-5 KH and GH areas? My tap water is 7.2-7.6 pH, 3.5 kh and 4.5 gh. Thank you very much for everything!

      PS> Forgot to mention I will be using about 5 plants per 40 gallons.


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        Hi easywolf31! If you will be running a planted tank, then I would recommend using the Acid and Alkaline buffers instead of the regulators. The Acid and Alkaline Regulator, the Neutral Regulator, and the Discus Buffer will all be phosphate based, which, while offering a very stable buffering system, may not be the best choice for a planted tank!

        I would recommend treating your tap water with Acid Buffer first, to cut the pH and KH down to your target range, and then using the Acid and Alkaline buffers in the recommended ratio to "set" your pH where you'd like it.