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Advice on raising KH & adding minerals for Jewel & Texas cichlids

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  • Advice on raising KH & adding minerals for Jewel & Texas cichlids

    Hi Seachem support. I just ordered a few products (Tanganyika buffer & African cichlid salt for my African rift lake cichlids) & American Cichlid Sand for my Red & Green Texas cichlids.

    Concerning my Texas cichlids, what can I use or how to raise the Kh & Gh and what levels to strive for? I'm trying to make the PH go down to about 7-7.4 so I added some peat as the API ph down was kind of useless because of carbonates (??). I than got some Seachem Ph Neutral but when I went to use it, it said not safe for plants, which I have. The PH Acid from Seachem is too complicated for me as it says to use it with PH Alkaline. If I buy both I may as well become a chemist with all these test kits & chemicals I've gathered now.

    It's pretty much the same situation in the other 75G aquarium I have with a pair of Red Jewel Cichlids and their fry. I've managed to bring down the PH with peat, almond leaves and bogwood to around 7.3 instead of the 6.9 I'm trying to make it reach too. I just tested the KH and it's at 2 compared to the Texas's 4.

    Can you help me bring the Jewel Cichlid aquarium to around KH 5 and GH to 5-7 without raising the PH?

    I'm confused about the Green Texas tank though. What is a good PH, KH & GH to strive for and what to use to get there?

    Also which mineral product is best to add to the Green Texas tank as I'm pretty much sure I've cured his Hole in the Head issue using Metroplex. I've added some Cichlid Trace but I think that's for African cichlids. I've also been adding Seachem iron for the Anubia in there as well as in the Red Jewel tank.

    Also which mineral product is best for the Red Jewel tank?, thanks.

    It's a lot of questions I know, but trying to do the right thing and it got complicated with all the 2nd day 40-50% water changes because of the HITH and fry.
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    So I gave up and bought Acid buffer and Alkaline buffer. I don't use RO but would like to lower my steady pH in my 75 gallon Red Jewel tank (w/1-2 plants) from 7.3-7.7 to 6.8-6.9 and higher my Kh from 3 to 5. Can someone tell me a way to calculate a dosage here? I am also using peat and driftwood but it just tickles the pH. Thanks and hopefully this won't add much to the needed TDS amount of 20-50/ppm.

    As for the Red Texas and (Mix Green Texas) I've read they come from a very Alkaline & hard water area of the lower Rio Grande river. So I will not be bothering with the pH but would like to really higher the Kh from 3 to 8-10 and Gh from 5 to about 10. Total TDS here is about 600ppm, nearing the Tanganyika setups I have!

    And lastly, for the Green Terror I have, I read from very reliable River Geology books that the Peruvian & Ecuadorian rivers they come from averaged for 5 years with a pH of 7.5-8.5 but with a TDS of 100-200? How is that possible? I won't be messing with the pH here. It's weird that the American Cichlid Salt I bought says the amount needed is double that of the Central American dosage, but from what I've read it should be the opposite, I don't understand that either.


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      Thanks for the posts and we are very sorry for the delay in responding! How is everything going with the tanks? Are you still trying to achieve a target pH with the Acid and Alkaline buffers? If so, what pH and alkalinity are you trying to target and what is your current alkalinity?

      Again sorry for the delay and hopefully we can get you on the right track going forward!