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    Hello again! I have the 55 african cichlid tank my tap water is 7.8 so havent done much to alter ph its stays at 7.8. My problem is on the 1st of april im moving to anther city the water there is a constant 7.0 what on earth do i buy (seachem products only) and precisely what do i do to get the perameters to what my babies are use to without too much stress. They will be transpoted in buckets with fresh water added every few hrs if needed but will absolutely be given stressguard. I am really lost on how to go about adjusting the new water!! HELP!!!!! Thanks again seachem... You are the best!!!

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    For cichlids we actually have a few buffering options. If your water source is neutral, it will be fairly easy to use any of these buffers to adjust pH and KH in your tap water.

    Here are some buffering options:

    Malawi Victoria Buffer (can buffer neutral or unbuffered water easily to 7.8-8.4
    Alkaline Buffer (can buffer neutral or unbuffered water easily to 7.2-8.5 and may need o be used in conjunction with Acid Buffer to lock in a specific pH value

    If the water is soft and in need of boosting GH you can use this product to add the appropriate minerals to the water:
    Cichlid Lake Salt

    I hope this helps!


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      Thanks alot. So the local store has the malawi victoria buffer only so once i fill my tank with new water and get it to 7.8 i can add my cichlids??


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        You are welcome! I would recommend cycling the aquarium before you put too many fish in the system, as it will take much longer if you overload it before it has been fully cycled.