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    Got a 55gal african cichlid tank with a fluval 306canister and marineland penguin 350 hob. Ive got the biological foam in bottom tray then 1 full tray of matrix then in top tray fluval biomax with polishing pad and just put purigen in the top tray as well. My 350 just has 1 of the 350 cartridge filter in total im moving approx 653gph is this an ok setup or would you reccomend i remove the 350 and add another canister with more matrix? Currently housing 13 fish all in the 2-3 inch range they will get to 5-6 inch im told. My amonia is 0 nitrite 0 nitrate gets to about 20ppm a day or so before my weekly 60% water change. Im still really new at all this any advice will be enthusiastically recieved SEACHEM ROCKS!! Oh by the way all stores here only carry prime and stability but petland where i do most of my shopping got purigen in and today when i got around to getting it the manager (a friend) made sure to show me he is now carrying the majority of seachem products after me and others complained that no one in our area carries enough seachem stuff.....things are looking up lol sorry so long but thought youd like hearing about that

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    Hello again!

    Honestly, that sounds like a pretty great setup already. We'd say that there is no such thing as too much bio-media as long as it is being adequately cleaned and maintained, although there is a point past which extra bio-media is just sitting around to no real extra benefit for the tank. For your tank, you'll want at least 550 mL of Matrix of handling ammonia and nitrite, and increasing amounts of Matrix to handle higher levels of nitrate production. If you've already got at least 550 mL of Matrix there shouldn't be any need to rush out and set up another canister right away, although you might want to do so in the future if you find that your nitrate levels rise faster than regular tank maintenance can accommodate.

    We appreciate the info! It's always good to hear that our products are catching on in local communities!


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      Thanks as always for the quick response, i think because the fish will only get bigger which means bigger bioload i will grab another canister but one with a uv light and add more matrix and even get rid of what fluval biomax i have in my current canister and replace with more matrix i want to run only seachem products. Thanks for all your products and support


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        You are most welcome! That sounds like a great plan for a firm bio-filter foundation for the future growth of your tank!


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          Thanks i cant say enough about seachem, your products and this forum.....AWESOME COSTOMER SERVICE BEST IN THE BIZ!!!!


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            Thank you so much! :)