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Recommended GH & KH Ranges Malawi Cichlids

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  • Recommended GH & KH Ranges Malawi Cichlids

    Hello, what is the recommended KH LEVEL, for the Malawi Cichlids and as well as the GH level? Using RODI water. Using API Test Kit. Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for the post!

    For Malawi Cichlids, we recommend the following levels:

    General Hardness: 1.5–3meq/L (4–8 dGH)
    Carbonate Hardness: 1.5-3meq/L (4-8dKH)
    pH: 7.8-8.4


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      Thanks So Much For the reply. So with the API TEST Kit that would be 4 to 8 drops? GH and KH.

      The dGH and dKH throws me off when reading the API directions. I am using Cichlid salt to raise the GH. And Malawi Buffer to raise the KH and PH. As well adding Cichlid trace elements. Do you think this is all I need to replenish the minerals?


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        Hello! If I recall correctly, the API tests go 1 drop = 1 dKH or 1 dGH. However, it's been a few years since I've used one, so you'll want to consult their website or product packaging to be sure.

        Between Cichlid Lake Salt and Cichlid Trace you should have all the minerals and trace elements you need - you won't need to add any extra mineral supplements.


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          Thanks for the reply. There is a huge difference in what they say the ranges should be. And what Seachem recommends. I am a huge fan of Seachem products, I am just trying to find the right balance between what API says and what Seachem says.

          Here are the suggested ranges from API.
          GH & KH Range Aquarium Life 0º - 3º Discus, Arowana, Elephantnose, (0-50 ppm)
          Neons, Cardinals, Live Plants 3º - 6º Most tropical fish including Angelfish, (50-100 ppm)
          Cichlids, Tetras, Botia, Live Plants 6º - 11º Most tropical fish including (100-200 ppm)
          Swordtails, Guppies, Mollies, Goldfish 8º - 12º Marine fish and invertebrates (140-200 ppm)

          11º - 22º Rift Lake Cichlids, Goldfish, (200-400 ppm) Brackish Water Fish

          Again I really thank you for the help. If you say 4 to 8 then that is where I'm going to set as my goal.



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            I would bet that API is recommending higher values to account for the fact that most of their customers are using a bicarbonate buffer (which you have to use much more of to attain Malawi-level pHs). They may also recommend higher levels to make up for the fact that Malawi tanks are often heavily overstocked, and thus can suffer from issues with unstable pHs.

            The chemistry we recommend is the midpoint of the chemistry found in Lake Malawi - it's possible to find higher KHs and higher GHs in this lake, but we generally don't recommends starting at the extremes of chemistry if possible.