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Help with my frontossa

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  • Help with my frontossa

    Okay so it's been over a month and a half I've been trying to get him well again. It starting with him flashing in and twitching in the water then he look like he had ick. Then he got cloudy guys. So I was treating With the metroplex that didn't work it helps with the cloudy eye a little bit but did not take it away. Then I treated him with the Cannefax and the metroplex together that did not work. So then I treated him with the kanaplex with the furon. My feelings are the tank is contaminated with some thing. Because I give him baths in Paragard and his color will get better for a bit. Now don't get me wrong these treatments have helped some but he is just not coming out of this problem entirely. He continues to look like crap. Flashing and twitching. Some times but not all the time. Secondary problems ect... He definitely doesn't have any clear fins on him right now I'm at a loss I don't know what to do. So I'm thinking of trying the sulfaplex? Can I feed to him? Can I use trace or para guard at same time. I'm doing water changes all the time. Using no carbon. Please help

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    Hello there!

    Sorry for the delay. I think we're in the process answered this one in your other thread, over here :

    I'll be putting any other responses over there!