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Setting up a Malawi tank

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  • Setting up a Malawi tank

    I'm going to be setting up a Malawi tank & had a question about which products to use. I plan on purchasing the Malawi/Victoria Buffer for the alkalinity & Ph but as far as the Gh or hardness is the Cichlid Lake Salt all I need?
    I am accustomed to using Replenish in my other freshwater tanks to compensate for our very soft water. Would the Cichlid Lake Salt be used in place of the Replenish in my Malawi tank?
    Thank you!
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    Malawi/Victoria Buffer and Cichlid Lake Salt would be a great combination for preparing water for your Malawi tank. This combination will cover alkalinity/buffering pH and GH. Yes, you would Cichlid Lake Salt in place of Replenish to add in the necessary minerals that make up the general hardness.