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Controlling Water Hardness

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  • Controlling Water Hardness

    I live in Florida so water hardness is very high. What is the best product to maintain normal values?
    I have cichlids (jewells & blood red parrots) and maintain 7.0 pH with SeaChem Discus Buffer but the hardness is still high.

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    Re: Controlling Water Hardness

    Are you wanting a product for General Hardness (GH) or Carbonate Hardness (KH)?

    For raising GH I would recommend Equilibrium.

    For raising KH I would recommend Alkaline buffer. To lower KH use Acid buffer. Changing your KH will also effect your pH unless you use a phosphate based buffer.

    When using a phosphate based buffer you will precipitate out your GH. And KH will compete with the phoshate based buffer.

    If your wanting to lower the GH of your water you can add some distilled, RO, or DI water with your tap water.